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Mike & Amanda Wedding ~ Delta Hotel Guelph Wedding Photography

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!  We brought in the New Year with Amanda & Mike’s wedding at the Delta Hotel in Guelph.  It was a grand party with plenty of fun and partying all the way to the midnight countdown!  We had never seen so much partying and dancing at any wedding before, and with good reason since besides celebrating Amanda & Mike’s marriage, we were bringing in the new year together.  It was an honour to be part of it, and also a great way for us to end a successful year in 2011.  We’re looking forward to 2012 and all the weddings and photo shoots that are already booked.

We’ve got some more teaser photos on our Facebook page and there will be many more photos to come! One thing is for certain:  At least the happy couple will never forget their wedding anniversary date! ~ Ada & Andrew

Guelph Wedding Photographer


The Wong Family ~ Destination Photographer

While we were in Hong Kong on vacation in November, we still had a few opportunities for some family photo shoots.  I was fortunate enough to take photos for one of my parent’s close family friends and my dentist when I was little.  We took photos at their house in Shek O (which is a beautiful place that is very popular for taking wedding photos) with their three wonderful dogs.  I’m glad that we can make people smile with our photos! ~ Ada and Andrew

KW Pet Photographer


The Houde Family ~ Cambridge Ontario Photographer

With the weather being sunny but the temperature being only 1 degree outdoors, the Houde family were real troopers to take photos in December.  But their bravery paid off and we got some great photos at Queen’s Square in Cambridge.  I was impressed that they even wanted to take photos without their jackets and sweaters.  Hopefully no one got sick after and they were able to warm up quickly!  I hope that we’ll get a chance to take more photos again in the future with them on a warmer occasion! ~ Andrew

Cambridge Family Photographer


Baby Amie ~ Baby Portrait

I took photos of baby Amie this weekend in Markham with her family.  Her grandmother was leaving to head back to Hong Kong so it was nice to have an opportunity for some photos of the family together before she left.   ~ Ada

KW Baby Portrait


Baby Megane ~ Newborn Pictures

Just a few months ago I took photos for Martine and her baby bump.  Now baby Megane has come out into the world and I had the opportunity again to take photos of the new addition to the family!  We got a variety of great photos of what babies do best!  Looking very cute!  ~ Ada

Baby Portrait


The Henry Family ~ Fall Family Photos

I was lucky to have some mild weather without any rain this late into November so that I could take photos with the Henry family.  We took photos at the Pioneer Tower Natural Area with their two-year old son Ayden who definitely had an interest in the slides on the playground.  Ayden was pretty much the boss of our photo shoot, directing us to the next location for photos and showing us what he thought would be the most fun to play.  While Ayden was scouting I managed to get some beautiful photos of Bea and Aaron!  ~ Andrew

Portrait Photo


Amanda & Mike's Engagement Photos ~ Guelph Area Photographer

Our final engagement shoot of the year, in preparation for our upcoming final wedding shoot of the year too!  Amanda and Mike saw us when we were taking photos for Barb & Bruce’s wedding a couple years ago so we were happy that we would be invited to take photos for their wedding as well.  Before the sun completely set, we managed to take a few photos along the Speed River in Guelph.  Then we retreated indoors to take photos at Old Quebec Street Mall and the River Run Centre for some really unique photos inside the theatre.  We’re looking forward to their wedding in December! ~ Ada

Guelph Engagement Session


Canh & Jenn Post-Wedding Photos ~ K-W Area Photographer

It’s been about a year since we took photos for Canh & Jennifer’s wedding so this was a bit of an anniversary reunion to take photos with this wonderful couple again!  We went brought them to our favorite pumpkin farm and then went to the Wilfong gas station in Doon Village where we ran into another wedding couple along the way.  And lucky for us, the limo driver let us borrow their antique Rolls Royce for a few photos of our own too!  All we were missing was the wedding dress and the tux!  Happy anniversary guys!  ~ Andrew & Ada

K-W Wedding Photographer


Back from Vacations =)

We’re back from vacation!  For those who didn’t know, we went on a 3-week long vacation at the start of November.  After shooting Claudia & Tom’s wedding for our first destination wedding in Vancouver, we visited Hong Kong and Guilin in China.  We’re back in action taking photos and editing our backlog of client photos, but we wanted to share what is probably the most beautiful McDonald’s store in the world!  We’ll post more of our own photos up in the future after we’re through getting photos for our clients!  ~ Ada & Andrew

K-W Wedding Photographers


David & Flavia Engagement ~ K-W Wedding Photographer

When we originally met David & Flavia, we knew they would be a sweet couple to take wedding photos for.  And turns out that we were right after we heard about David’s proposal to Flavia.  It was a pretty elaborate plan that would have had several girls saying “Yes” if they happened to stumble across the rose petals and background music during a stroll in Victoria Park.  I can say that it would have been a very awesome moment to catch in photos.  We got some excellent photos of the couple in Waterloo Park for their engagement shoot! ~ Ada & Andrew

Waterloo Park Engagement Photos

Kristan & Mark ~ Kitchener Post-Wedding Photos

After needing to reschedule from last week’s rainy weather, I managed to meet up with Kristan and Mark a second time at Victoria Park.  It had been over a year since Kristan and Mark were married so they decided they wanted to take photos in Victoria Park where they had taken their wedding photos.  They brought along their beautiful American Eskimo dog Kevin who was really friendly and also great at posing in photos, and also their friend Rachel so I managed to get photos of everyone that afternoon.  The photos turned out great that I’m sure that these photos will go right alongside their wedding photos at home! 
~ Andrew

Victoria Park Kitchener Engagement

Vicki & Brian Engagement ~ Kitchener Waterloo Photographer

We occasionally ask couples to bring props for engagement shoots to incorporate them in their photos in creative ways.  So it was very odd when we saw Brian and Vicki with a bucket as one of their props.  But it turns out there’s a very sweet story behind it that dates back to their frosh days at the University of Waterloo.  And if it wasn’t for that frosh game that required them to carry around half-filled buckets of water, they may have never met.  They tell the story much better than we do. =) ~ Ada & Andrew

KW Engagement Session

Phil & Erin Engagement ~ Waterloo Park Photos

We finally had a weekend with co-operative weather so I went out to take photos with Phil & Erin at Waterloo Park.  I took some very cool photos with the happy couple and their bike.  Since these two lovebirds had met at work, it was also only fitting to take a few photos outside the building.  But it wasn’t long before a security guard came out wondering why we were taking engagement photos outside. =)  Well if it wasn’t for RIM, Phil and Erin would never have met!  ~ Ada

Waterloo Engagement Photographer

10.17.2011 ~ The Freitag Family ~ Twins Photography - New Hamburg

This was the second set of twins that I had taken in the same week, and that wasn’t a coincidence since the Blaak and Freitag family knew each other.  But this time I travelled to the town of New Hamburg to take photos of the Freitag family.  Although less than a year old, one of the twins somehow knew when I was taking photos because he would always stick his tongue out at me!  I hope that was his way of smiling for the camera. =)  We got some great photos of the family at the New Hamburg Arboretum and also at Scott Park and even a few romantic photos of Mommy and Daddy while the twins got a chance to take a nap.  ~ Andrew

Kitchener Baby Photography

10.16.2011 ~ The Modi Family ~ K-W Photographer

On a very rainy weekend, the Modi Family was fortunate enough to be the only photo shoot we had all weekend that was outdoors!  It was a good thing that we started early in the morning because immediately after the shoot was finished, the rain and wind started to come down much harder in Victoria Park.  But before we got rained out, I got some wonderful shots of the family around the park, and especially when the kids got a chance to play on the playground.  Of course, after the playground it was much harder to get the kids to come back for more photos. =)  ~ Andrew

Kitchener Family Photographer

10.16.2011 ~ The Blaak Family ~ Twins Photography ~Innerkip Photographer

I travelled out to Innerkip to take photos of the Blaak family and their newborn twins.  These cute babies were definitely cute and had different personalities that showed in the photos.  It was funny each time they would want their soothers and started to pout a bit.  But they were great models after contently sucking on their soothers after a few seconds!  Eventually, it was nap time and they content sleeping anywhere, so we had them snuggle up in a basket for a nap together.  ~ Andrew

Kitchener Baby Photographers

10.11.2011 ~ Andrea & Mike's Engagement ~ Kitchener Photography

Andrea & Mike were so excited for their engagement photo session that they took a day off just to prepare for it!  We went to the Huron Natural Area in Kitchener for photos close to sunset on a weekday, but it was still surprisingly quite busy.  I guess the park is quite an attraction since it has many trails for hiking.  Both Andrea and Mike got a bit of a work out from giving each other piggy-back rides, and I also got a bit of a work out from running across to the other side of the pond to get some nice photos.  Overall, the weather was great and we took some beautiful photos to mark their engagement! 
Stay tuned for their wedding in 2012! ~ Andrew

Wedding Photographer Kitchener Waterloo

10.14.2011 ~ Louisiana Seafood & Steakhouse Restaurant ~ Brampton Fine Dining Photos

If you’re anything like us, you’re always happy when you find a great restaurant that serves tasty food at a fair price.  We love to take photos of food at weddings, so it was exciting when we were invited to take photos at Louisiana Seafood & Steakhouse in Brampton for their new menu.  Just taking photos of the food made us drool!  The great mixture of Cajun spices and wonderful desserts looked and smelled wonderful and most importantly, it also tasted great!  If these photos get you drooling then you’ll definitely love the food there!  Check out Louisiana Seafood & Steakhouse at 1 Steeles Avenue East in Brampton and indulge yourself with some fine dining!  You really won’t regret it!  ~ Andrew & Ada

Seafood and Steakhouse

10.10.2011 ~ Crystal & Jeremy's Engagement - Kitchener Photographer

Ever year, we normally go hiking during the fall to see the colours of the leaves.  But this year since we’ve been so busy with photo shoots that we didn’t get the opportunity to go hiking until this past weekend!  And we had Crystal and Jeremy to accompany us for their engagement photos so that we could enjoy doing two things at the same time!  We went to the Huron Natural Area in Kitchener, which is a hidden gem in an industrial area and very beautiful this time of year.  And it’s a good thing Crystal and Jeremy were up for some walking even though they weren’t dressed for hiking.  However, they were well prepared for the engagement shoot and we got some beautiful photos of them!  Looking forward to the wedding next year!  ~ Ada & Andrew

Kitchener Engagement Photographer

10.09.2011 ~ The Dales/Lawson Family ~ Guelph Photographer

Whenever families invite us to their house for an outdoor shoot, we’re always excited when we see such a beautiful property with plenty of photo opportunities.  That was definitely the case when I travelled to Guelph-Eramosa to take photos for the Dales and Lawson family.  With a stream running through their backyard and their dogs running around freely with no property line in sight, I took a lot of photos of the families and co-operative kids in various locations without needing to walk very far.  I hope we’ll get to take photos for the Dales and Lawson family again in the future!  ~ Andrew

Guelph Family Photographer

10.09.2011 ~ The Wayne Family - Cambridge Ontario Photographer

Krista bought a gift certificate for a Family Photo Session from us for her in-laws’ anniversary last year.  The family finally got together to take photos on the Thanksgiving weekend this year at Riverside Park in Cambridge.  And as you all probably recall, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and warm!  If you’re planning ahead and want to book us in advanced, a gift certificate is a great way to give a meaningful and special gift!  Email us for more details! ~ Ada

Cambridge Family Photographer

10.09.2011 ~ The Good Family - Kitchener Family Photographer

The weather couldn’t have been better this Thanksgiving weekend!  It’s like it’s almost summer again, except with the fall colours!  I got to take photos with the Good Family at the Shantzholm Pumpkin Farm.  I’ve been seeing them every year for the past years so it was great to see them again and to see how the kids are growing up!  The kids are definitely amongst the best behaved that I have ever seen, making it so easy to take great photos of them.  And they’re already looking forward to fall photos again next year with me! ~ Ada

Kitchener Family Photography

10.08.2011 ~ Rei & Albert's Wedding ~ Vaughan Wedding Photographer

I’ve said this probably a dozen times already, but Rei and Albert are definitely a couple meant for each other.  We had tons of fun on the weekend taking photos with them.  But what made it really special was the fact they were willing to take photos at IKEA with us in their wedding attire!  So after a touching ceremony, we went off to Kleinburg for some beautiful outdoors photos, followed by a shopping wonderland at IKEA!  We can say for certain that Rei and Albert’s creativity really sold these photos and made them catalog worthy!  

After we had many strangers looking at us in bewilderment while they were shopping at IKEA, we headed back to the Toscana Banquet Hall.  We were treated to a Japanese Taiko Drum performance, which shook the floors and walls of the banquet hall so much that the next door wedding had to wait for us to finish!  

We’ve got some more teaser photos on our Facebook page and there will be many more photos to come!  Congratulations Rei & Albert!  ~ Ada & Andrew

Ikea Vaughan

10.05.2011 ~ Shantzholm Pumpkins Family Farm Photo Session

We had the wonderful opportunity to take a photo shoot with Kevin & Angela Shantz of Shantzholm Pumpkins Family Farm this past week.  Having been at the Shantz’s farm several times this year for engagements, family photos and also even a wedding, I can say without a doubt that this the best farm for family fun near Kitchener!  The atmosphere is incredibly friendly and well-kept by this hard working family.  Having visited in the past with our own family, we can say this a great destination without needing to go very far from the city.

Come visit them yourselves and pick up a pumpkin for Halloween, see the farm animals or venture in the corn maze, or visit on the weekends for some of their fresh produce or baked goods!  ~ Ada & Andrew

Shantzholm Pumpkins Family Farm

10.02.2011 ~ 2011 CIBC Run for the Cure Photos Guelph Site

This year was the 20th year for the Run for the Cure, and the 15th year for Guelph!  Once again, a Million Words Photo Services was a proud sponsor for the event to help support cancer research to eliminate cancer, specifically breast cancer.  Since this is a disease that affects so many women and even a small percentage of men, we were glad that we could help by doing what we enjoy the most by documenting the morning for the run.

For whatever reason, the first Sunday of October is always chilly so I definitely wish I had been running instead to keep myself warm.  Instead, I managed to actively move amongst the crowds of runners and supporters to snap a bunch of wonderful photos including the celebrated cancer survivors, run volunteers, and teams of runners.  It was another successful even across the globe with upwards of 170,000 participants.  ~ Andrew

2011 Guelph Run for Cure