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Run for the Cure Guelph Photos 2012

This year the weather was the best it’s ever been for all of the years we’ve participated in the Run for the Cure in Guelph!  There were approximately 800 participants this year that raised a grand total of $300,000 for a wonderful cause!  That’s quite an accomplishment!  The survivor tent looked sexy with the zebra print and pink décor, the fundraisers did a great job across all categories, and we had a great volunteer, Ruth help us out for the booth!

As an added bonus, we’ll be providing photos from the cure to participants.  Watch our Facebook page or our website Gallery for the announcement when the photos are up to claim yours!

We’re already looking forward to participating in the run next year.  So we’ll see you all next year on Sunday, October 6th, 2013! ~ Ada and Andrew

CIBC Run for the Cure 2012 Guelph


Lillian's Family ~ Guelph Family Portrait

It was great to meet Lillian and her two boys this week for a photo shoot at Riverside Park in Guelph. It is a family tradition for her boys to wear the same patterned clothing at every photo session each year! When I told them to give their mother a perfect photo post, both of them hugged each other. They sure knew what to do to make their mom happy! ~ Ada

Family Portrait Guelph


Crystal & Laura's Wedding ~ Wedding Photographer Guelph Waterloo

This was one of our much anticipated weddings of the year! Not only because it was our first LGBT wedding, but because Laura and Crystal are such a cute couple! Cuteness oozes out of them that it's contagious! But what a wonderful couple they make, and the effect they have on their friends and family around them is fantastic. We couldn't be more honoured to share their wedding day and take photos for them. Check out all of the wedding teasers we have posted on our Facebook page! ~ Ada & Andrew

St. Jacob Wedding


The Weresch Family ~ Waterloo Photographer Family

I suspect that after having such a dry summer that we’ll be getting quite a lot of rain in the fall to make up for it.  After having to reschedule our photo shoot due to the rainy weather, I met with the Weresch family at our favorite park in Waterloo Park.  The two kids enjoyed the walk around the park, interacting with the animals, playing on the playground and even almost being attacked by swans!  Autumn is coming quickly and the leaves are already starting to fall.  So if you’re looking to book a photo shoot like the Weresch family did, better contact us soon as spots for October are already starting to fill!  ~ Andrew

Waterloo Family Portrait

The Isaac Family ~ Waterloo Photography Family

While Andrew was with the Weresch family, on the other side of Waterloo Park I met with the Isaac family who had taken photos with us the previous year.  The kids were growing up quickly but they were so well behaved again.  In the end, the kids were very creative in coming up with lots of photos with their parents.  This made the photo shoot more meaningful for them and it’s something we definitely encourage our clients to do.  I’m looking forward to seeing them again next year! ~ Ada

Waterloo Outdoor Family Photography


Baby Penelope ~ Newborn Portraits Kitchener

Baby Penelope was only 6 days old and she was already very active squirming away and super-cooperative with the camera.  Although she didn’t have any control of her head yet, she was doing very well at looking at the camera.  Brad and Elizabeth were definitely proud parents of this jewel and I hope they’ll get enough sleep over the next few months!  I look forward to seeing Penelope in the future to see if she’s changed in personality. ~ Andrew

baby photo session kitchener


The Birchmore Family ~ Cambridge Family Photography

Earlier last year, we donated our services to an auction to support the Campus Child Care Co-operative Daycare in Guelph.  This was a great cause to help raise money for the Daycare to help with their services that they provide to the community.  The lucky winner of the auction was the Birchmore family and I brought them to Riverside Park in Cambridge to take photos.  The two girls were super-excited about the photo shoot, but it`s good that their mother was prepared with a smaller cooler of food to keep their energy up! ~ Ada

Elora Family Photo Session


Andrea and Mike's Wedding ~ Cambridge Mill, Cambridge, Ontario

We had a fabulous day with Andrea and Mike all around town for their wedding day. They had a beautiful ceremony at a church in Guelph that we had wanted to shoot at for such a long time. And then they had their reception at one of our favorite places at the Cambridge Mill. This is definitely a very well organized couple and a great match!

LIKE our page so you'll be notified when we have the rest of their photos posted online! ~ Ada and Andrew

Cambridge Mill Ontario


Tegan's Maternity Photo Session ~ Maternity Session Waterloo

I had a wonderful time with Tegan and Eric out in Waterloo Park. They brought along some great props. Surprisingly, it wasn't very busy at the park even though it was such nice weather. It was a very sunny day but I was able to use the lighting to my advantage so I was very excited to show them the photos. The couple are looking forward to their newborn baby very soon! ~ Ada

Maternity Photographers Waterloo


Andrew and Sandi ~ Fun Family Photos Waterloo

I had a fabulous time with Andrew, Sandi, Alex and Ethan over at Waterloo Park last weekend.  The kids brought their own props and had plenty of cool poses that were both cute and fun!  We got a great variety of photos and they did a wonderful job in keeping active, making funny faces and being… well kids!  By the end of it all, they were definitely just as exhausted as I was.  But it was all worth it!  I hope I’ll have to opportunity in the future to take photos with them again! ~ Andrew

Elmira Family Photographers


Stacy & Jason's Wedding ~ Short Wedding Photo Package

It was a beautiful day in Victoria Park!  Being the long weekend, there were many interested patrons of Kitchener’s favorite park who couldn’t help but stick around to watch the touching ceremony for Stacy & Jason.  It was so cute to see how nervous both Stacy and Jason were before the ceremony and then how their eyes glowed when they saw each other in the gazebo.

Stacy & Jason are one of the first couples to take advantage of our newest wedding photo package this year, which is catered to those couples who know they don’t need a photographer with them the entire day.  From our experience with talking with clients, finding a professional who will take shorter weddings is hard to come by as most would prefer to work larger, full-day events.  We still believe that couples should have the opportunity to hire an experienced professional, and not rely on Uncle Bob to take photos for their wedding.  Are you looking for a photographer for only part of your wedding?  If so, send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you out!  ~ Andrew

Victoria Park Wedding


Baby Sam Photo Shoot #2 - Family Photos Elmira

Baby Sam’s grandparents were visiting from afar, so it was great occasion to have a family photo shoot so that his grandparents could have a keepsake to bring back with them!  I had taken photos of Baby Sam previously and he had definitely grown and was starting to show his own personality.  This time, we ventured outdoors to take photos in the backyard with the entire family. ~Ada 

Elmira Family Portraits


Wedding Dream Decorations & Rentals ~ Victoria Park Wedding Photos

This is probably the best that I’ve seen Victoria Park Pavilion in a long time.  I’ve been there several times for weddings and it’s a beautiful venue that is nice and open, plenty of light and always lots of potential for a fun wedding!  Almeia and her team from Wedding Dream did another fantastic job of making this place shine at its fullest potential.  I loved the choice of colours chosen by the bride and groom, and the unique centerpieces were also another highlight.  The canopy above the dance floor was a great treat that really is a must for the hall since it accentuated the height of the ceiling and hid away the rafters.  I hope that I’ll be here again for another wedding next year with Wedding Dream doing the décor! ~ Andrew

Victoria Park Wedding


Wedding Dream Decorations & Rentals ~ Croatian Centre Wedding Photography

Yet another wonderful job by the Wedding Dream team!  Admittedly, I had never been to the Croatian Centre that I even went to the K-W Croatia Club out in Breslau.  I found it odd that the K-W Croatia Club would be hosting such a large wedding and there was no one around to be found except for some guy working on the roof.  Thankfully, I was redirected to the correct location and was pleasantly surprised by the table settings of the venue.  Beautiful water vase centerpieces were definitely the highlight for me.  Each weighed quite a bit as well and I’m sure Ada would have loved to have won one of those if they were given away at a wedding!   Check out more photos over at in the Green, Blues and Purples section!  ~ Andrew

Croatian Centre Wedding


Krista & Brydon ~ Wedding Photographer Guelph

We were a bit worried earlier in the week when we saw thunderstorms and 25-45mm of rain in the forecast, as Krista and Brydon had been planning for an outdoor wedding at the Springfield Golf Course in Guelph.  But thank goodness the clouds came early and the downpour came on Friday instead, giving us beautiful weather on Saturday instead!  After a beautiful ceremony, we brought the wedding party around the boundaries of the golf course to take some photos and even hijack of golf cart from a pair of golfers!  The rest of the evening was plenty of partying and dancing for an epic night of fun! ~ Ada & Andrew

Guelph Wedding Photographer


The Tang Family ~ Family Group Photography

We had a blast with the Tang family on the weekend at Richmond Green Park.  The Tang family had gathered together from different parts of the world and decided to get together for a family photo shoot.  We were fortunate that they found us online as we were honoured to take photos for them.  Three generations of their family were together for photos at this popular park in Richmond Hill and because this was a large group, we got plenty of variety of photos.  ~ Ada & Andrew

Family Photo Session Waterloo


Wedding Dream Decorations & Rentals ~ Stratford Country Club Photographer

As part of a new partnership, we’ll be taking photos for Wedding Dream’s decorations and rentals to highlight their creative and beautiful work that they do.  The talented team run by Almeia Balla does a wonderful job of decorations for your wedding ceremony, reception hall, and any part of your wedding day.  They are very popular within the K-W region so it’s quite likely you may have seen some of their work before.  Over the next few months, we’ll be posting a few photos on our blog.  But if you’d like to see all the possible combinations of colours and décor, check out their website at! ~ Andrew 

Wedding Dream Decorations