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Baby Sam ~ Newborn Photography

I love baby shoots because every baby is so different. With Same, he wasn't all that happy with being posed at first, but half way he had a meal and was out for a nap very soon after! Then I finished up the session capturing some of his beauty sleeping poses!
~ Ada

Newborn Photography Kitchener


60th Birthday Party at Aberfoyle Mill ~ Guelph Photographer

It was a great honour to take photos for Mary Lou’s special 60th Birthday!  She had so many friends and family coming from all over to celebrate with her.  Her children had organized the party and thought of hiring a photographer to save themselves the trouble of depending on their guests to capture enough photos.  So I was very happy that I could help take away the stress so that everyone could enjoy the party instead! ~ Ada

Kitchener Event Photography

Laura & Crystal's Engagement Photos ~ Guelph Photographer

What a beautiful day to be out taking photos in the middle of March!  I still can’t believe how fortunate we’ve been so far with the warm weather and all of our winter photo shoots being more like late spring!  I was out with Crystal & Laura who were soooo cute and in love!  They brought their cute dogs out for photos as well which was a great idea.  And they are even expecting twins later this year which will be also exciting for them when they get married!  I can’t wait to see them again for their wedding!  ~ Ada

Guelph Wedding Photography


David & Flavia’s Second Engagement Shoot ~ Kitchener Engagement Photos

This was our second engagement shoot with David & Flavia (you can see their original shoot here) since they wanted to book a separate one for the different seasons.  This time they were much more comfortable in front of the camera and barely needed any direction from us at all!  We were in Kitchener for their shoot and got a chance to take more urban photos in the centre of the city by Victoria Park and Kitchener City Hall.  We then finished off at the coffee shop A Matter of Taste!  ~ Andrew & Ada

Kitchener Photography

Brian & Betsy's Engagement Photos ~ Kitchener Waterloo Wedding Photographer

Usually in March, we would be expecting to be taking winter shoots in the snow like we did last year.  But with the sudden change in warm weather, we were really fortunate to have an early spring shoot with Brian & Betsy!  They were a really fun couple to shoot with.  We started off at Kitchener City Hall and then went off exploring in the older parts of Kitchener to get some really unique shots.   We’re looking forward to their wedding later this year at the Royal Ambassador in Caledon! ~ Ada & Andrew

Kitchener Wedding Photographer


Baby Sylvie ~ New Born Photography

I was so delighted to take photos for Baby Sylvie. As much as I love photographing wedding (and I do immensely), baby photos are just as much fun! Baby Sylvie smiled a lot in front of the camera and looking at the photos I took, I feel like spring is here already! ~ Ada

Baby New Born Photography Kitchener


Anh & Winston's Wedding ~ Toronto Wedding Chapel Photography

In our first wedding of 2012, we had the opportunity to take photos for our long time friends Anh & Winston.  Despite the freezing and windy weather, the entire wedding party was in great spirits all day and managed to make the photos glow with warmth! 

The intimate ceremony was held at the Toronto Wedding Chapel while their wedding reception was held at the Oriental Centre in Scarborough.  All-in-all it was a great weekend event even though there wasn’t any snow to highlight the winter weather. 
~ Ada and Andrew

Toronto Wedding Chapel


Claudia & Tom's Wedding~ Kitchener Destination Wedding Photographer

We were very excited that we could make the most of our vacation to Hong Kong by stopping over in Vancouver to take a destination wedding photos for Claudia & Tom!  The moment we touched down at YVR and got our rental car, we headed off to the bride’s place to start taking photos.  We got a tour of Vancouver to some beautiful locations, and despite the spitting rain and cold (hooray for our weather-sealed cameras!) Claudia & Tom were game for anything! 

Check out a selection of their wedding album in the Client Gallery!  ~ Ada & Andrew

Destination Wedding Photography Kitchener


Caroline’s Baby Shower ~ K-W Maternity Pictures

Since the last time I had seen Caroline, she had grown a lot due to her baby bump!  She had just returned from out west to celebrate her baby shower with her family and friends.  We had a great time playing a few games, eating plenty of food and of course taking many photos!  Looking forward to seeing if it’s a boy or girl in a couple months! ~ Ada

Baby Shower Photography Kitchener


Happy New Year and Welcome to 2012! ~ K-W Photographer

We’ve had such a wonderful past year thanks to so many of clients, supporters, friends and family!  To do a quick recap of 2011, we had the most busy year yet since the company started, with so many weddings and family photo shoots. 
Our busiest month of the year was definitely October, where we had a wedding every weekend and at least one or two family photo shoots each weekend too!  And then we went off to shoot our first destination wedding in Vancouver!  We finished up the year with a special New Year’s Eve wedding to bring in the new year!

Other notable milestones for us were:

So what can you expect this year?  We’re already well on our way to another record breaking year in terms of the number of photo shoots.  We’ll also be offering a few new products that will complement our photography services, as well as some brand new photography and editing hardware to stay on top of curve.  We want the best for our clients!

Best wishes for you all in 2012! ~ Ada & Andrew

Kitchener Wedding Photographer