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Baby Alessandra's Christmas Photo Session

This was the second of three sessions for the Munroe since they bought a Maternity Package from us. Baby Alessandra has grown so much since the first session and she can happily sit up and smile lots for the camera! When you book us, no need to stress about bringing your babies and kids to the studio. We'll come to your house to take photos in a comfortable and familiar environment for the whole family! ~ Ada

Christmas Family Photography


Tori and her family ~ Winter Outdoor Photography

Tori wanted to take photos with her family as a gift for her parents. They braved the cold outdoors but were well rewarded with their beautiful photos out in the snow. Even winter shoots can be lots of fun and romantic too! ~ Ada

Winter Outdoor Family Photography


The Dussault Family ~ Indoor Family Photography

After seeing a family photo shoot that we did in the fall for one of their friends, the Dussault family decided that they wanted some photos of their own! However, with the cold weather now upon us we opted for an indoor session instead. Although we prefer the outdoors, we still make house calls very often for family photos indoors all year round. All you need is a chair or sofa and a plain background and you can get a variety of shots! ~ Ada

Kitchener Indoor Family Photography


Sonia and Kevin's Wedding ~ Atlantis Wedding

It was with great pleasure that we had the opportunity to shoot for our friends Kevin and Sonia!  This was definitely one of our most challenging shoots, mostly because both of us were sick with sore throats.  My voice would crack like I was going through puberty while I was counting down before taking a photo, and Ada pretty much lost her voice during the group photo session! But the venue itself was gorgeous and Atlantis is one of those unique locations for any kind of event so we were glad we didn’t miss out!  Thanks especially to the wedding party who took care of us during the day.  And of course to Kevin and Sonia for asking us to take photos for them! ~ Andrew and Ada

Toronto Atlantis Wedding


The Boylan Family ~ Family Portraits Cambridge

This was the very first professional photo shoot for the Boylan family outside of a studio and also the first in 5 years for the family!  We’re learning as new parents that it’s definitely difficult to find the time to take family photos.  So I made sure they had a great time and some great photos as well which will hopefully hold them over until next time! ~ Andrew

Family Portraits Cambridge

The Swarup Family ~ Family Photo Session Cambridge

The Swarup family received a gift certificate as an anniversary gift from a co-worker.  And with both daughters back from university for the weekend, they decided to have a photo shoot with us.  I loved how colourful their shawls were and how warm their smiles were even though it was only 4 degrees outside!  ~ Andrew

Family Photography Cambridge


The Sandhu Family ~ Family Portraits Kitchener

The Sandhu family were very thorough before booking us and asked many questions regarding the price, cancellation terms, and what they would receive in the end.  I can’t blame them considering one of my client's friend had to pay over $200 for a photo shoot with another photographer and all they got back were proofs!  They weren’t told they would need to spend another $200 just to get 5 photos!  I’m sure that the Sandhu family will be very happy with all of the 80+ full resolution and edited photos that they received from us, including the copyrights to do whatever they’d like with the photos! ~ Ada

Family Portraits Kitchener

The Smith Family ~ Family Portraits Waterloo

The Smith Family booked us awhile back in the fall and wanted to give a photo session for their Mom as birthday present. We were lucky that there were still leaves on the trees since we had a lot of rain the past week. And it was good that the Smith's came prepared since it was also hitting single digits on the thermometer! But that didn't stop the warmth of the family from shining through in these photos! Hope that they had a great time as much as I did! ~ Ada

Family Photography Kitchener


Charmaine and Family ~ Waterloo Family Portraits

This was Charmaine and Dave’s very first family photo shoot and with the large number of kids in the group they had so many great combinations! Dave in particular was definitely a really fun guy with a cool look for every single photo. Even when everyone was having fun throwing leaves he still had his cool face on! Thanks for such a great time and hope you all had as much fun as I did! ~ Ada

Waterloo Family Portraits


The Taylor Family ~ Elmira Family Photography

The Taylor family was long overdue for a family photo shoot like many of our clients!  With three active boys who could really blame them!  The two younger boys were full of energy while the eldest definitely was well-behaved and helped keep them in line.  Hopefully they’ll be able to find time in the future to take more family photos since time passes by so quickly when kids grow up! ~ Ada

Elmira Family Photography

The Wayne Family ~ St. Jacobs Family Photography

The first time I took photos for the family, the eldest child was just a newborn baby.  Suddenly, the family has grown to a wonderful 5 family members with the introduction of their latest baby girl!  What a happy handful!  I especially love how they colour coordinated their outfits, which made for some really great looking photos! ~ Ada

St. Jacobs Family Photography

The Thuss Family ~ Waterloo Family Photography

Last year, Ada had taken maternity photos for the Thuss Family and we were definitely happy for them since we were going through the same phases of parenthood as they were.  And this year, they came back to take family photos again with their happy baby girl who is so cute and active!  She was also such a curious little one and was especially super happy when we passed by dogs in the park! ~ Andrew

Kids Photography Kitchener

The Ceccato Family ~ Kitchener Family Photography

I had a wonderful time with this fun loving family on one of the last beautiful fall days of the year!  They really came prepared with their outfits and even brought along their dog!  The occasion for the photo shoot was a gift from the kids to the parents which was very thoughtful since opportunities to bring the entire family together aren’t always common. ~ Andrew

Family Photography Kitchener

The Isaac Family ~ Waterloo Outdoor Family Photography

It’s been nothing short of a busy October for us but we’ve been so fortunate to have so many repeat families come back year after year!  This was the 3rd year that the Isaac Family came to us for photos and although it was my first time taking photos for them I had seen their photos in the past and knew they would be a fun family to take photos with! The kids especially had some creative poses and dance moves to show off! Looking forward to seeing them again next year! ~ Andrew

Waterloo Outdoor Photography


The Meyer Family ~ St. Jacobs Outdoor Family Photography

The weather was unfortunately very rainy on this particular day, but the Meyer family had traveled all the way from Milton for this photo shoot.  So in order to stay dry, we found one very special location where I was able to take all of their photos, yet make them all very different!  This was truly one of my most challenging yet most rewarding photo shoots I had ever done.
Thank you for believing in me and for smiling in front of the camera! ~ Ada

St. Jacobs Outdoor Family Photography


Laura's Maternity Photo session

Laura was a referral from one of our other clients and she was interested specifically in our Maternity Package since they are expecting a new addition to their family soon!  What drew Laura to our work was our style and because she wanted something outside of a studio.  So with the beautiful fall colours still out there we took some wonderful photos that I’m sure they’ll be happy with!  Looking forward to our next photo session after their baby is born! ~ Ada

Waterloo Outdoor Maternity


The Graydon Twins

I was happy that Jill contacted me to take photos for her newborn twins who were just about two months old.  It was actually Jill’s mother who suggested that they hire us a second time since the parents really hardly had any time since they’ve been busy taking care of 3 little ones!  Photos for babies requires a lot of patience since at this age they seldom will look at the camera.  So it’s you can imagine it being twice as difficult to get two babies looking at the camera at the same time! ~ Ada

Waterloo Newborn Photography


The Raine Family

We really have dedicated clients!   The Raine family found us on the internet even though live in Toronto and we were willing to travel to Mississauga for some beautiful fall family photos with their newborn baby.  They hired out of all of the GTA photographers because of our open galleries on our website and of course because we share the copyrights with our clients! Thanks for finding us! ~ Ada

Mississauga Outdoor Family Photography


The Hughes' Maternity Photo Session

The Hughes are expecting their second child very soon and they wanted maternity photos  with us because the first time around they had to wait for 2 months before they received their photos!  Our 3-week guaranteed turnaround for family shoots (often less!) is super important in our mind, especially if you’re expecting very soon and want the photos beforehand!  Good luck to the Hughes family on their second child and hope to see you the entire family again soon! ~ Ada

Maternity Photo Session Kitchener


The Good Family ~ Waterloo Outdoor Family Photographer

This is our 5th consecutive year taking photos for the Good family. It’s like our anniversary event around Thanksgiving where I get to see how much the kids have grown over the past year. They are looking all so much more mature and grown-up! And as always they were so comfortable in front of the camera posing. Definitely looking forward to our annual shoot next year! ~ Ada

Waterloo Outdoor Family Photography

The Jones Family ~ Guelph Outdoor Family Photographer

We love referrals! And Sandra was referred by a friend of hers close to a year ago and she booked us almost half a year ago to make sure we caught the fall colours. I loved their big dog but it was too bad we weren't in a leash-free in the park so that I could take some action photos of their dog running. If you know a friend or family member who would appreciate our services, definitely feel free to refer them to us! ~ Ada

Outdoor Family Photography Waterloo

Lillian's and her Family~ Kitchener Outdoor Family Photographer

This year, Lillian gave one of our gift certificates to her in-laws as a gift to take photos with their grandchildren. I discovered that her in-laws have been married for 50 years which is an incredible milestone! Andrew and I are just a 10th of the way there! If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift idea, our photo shoots are definitely the answer. ~ Ada

Outdoor Family Photography Kitchener

Wendy and her family ~ Kitchener Outdoor Family Photographer

Wendy’s two sisters came to visit from Alberta and they decided to have a photo shoot done with the entire family.  Their family was plenty of fun and I could definitely feel how close they were despite living in different provinces!  They even brought along funny costumes to wear from Valu Village for the photo shoot.  Now that’s planning and creativity!  I’m sure they’ll have plenty of good memories from these photos for many years to come. ~ Ada

Guelph Outdoor Family Photography


Antonella and Marc's Wedding ~ Guelph Wedding Photographer

The wedding season is coming to an end for us (but the family photos never stop!) and we’ve had a blast with all of our clients this year! Antonella and Marc-Antony are a wonderfully compatible couple and really put their trust in our work from the beginning. One of the things that we’ve started to ask our clients to do is to schedule about 2 hours of preparation time for us both before the ceremony. And I hope that you’ll agree that it really makes a difference with the results! Here are some teasers from their wedding yesterday at the Victoria Park East Golf Club in Guelph. ~ Ada & Andrew

Wedding Photographer Guelph


Amanda and her family ~ Children Family Photography

What an energetic bunch! Amanda and her kids were very cute and had a lot of fun playing with the leaves. They had plenty of ideas of their own and some very creative stuff I never would have expected! I'm sure they enjoyed their session as much as I did! ~ Ada

Kitchener Children Family Photography


The Iveljic Family ~ Outdoor Family Photography

With the Iveljic family all back together for the Thanksgiving weekend, we went to a secret location where the "kids" used to hang out in high school. One of them was visiting from Manitoba so I hope the family will have some memories that will keep them smiling until the next time they get together! ~ Ada

Outdoor Family Photography


The Brown Family ~ Outdoor Kitchener Family Portraits

Two years ago, Kathy’s sister had done research to look for a photographer and recommended us to her sister.  She gave her money as a gift to take photos for her 25th wedding anniversary.  Two years later, Kathy finally had the chance to get around to taking photos and did her own research and also ended up finding us and choosing us too!  I’m glad that after all that time she still ended up choosing us for this special occasion because it was lots of fun meeting her entire family.  Hope that she won’t wait so long for another family photo shoot next time! ~ Ada

Outdoor Family Photography


The Hallam Family ~ Outdoor Family Photography

It’s the perfect time of the year for photos, and especially if you’re planning to send out Christmas cards!  What drew the Hallam Family to our services was our simple online pricing and the shared copyrights.  I love how they coordinated their outfits for their photo shoot with me.  And they were very well prepared with several props such as a blanket and the best homemade bubbles I had ever seen! ~ Ada

Waterloo Outdoor Family Photography


CIBC Run for Cure ~Event Photography Guelph

The weather turned out to be a really wet one all weekend for our 5th Run for the Cure in Guelph.  Although it probably doesn’t show up in most of the photos, there was rain coming down for most of the run, with the worst of it coming just after things finished up.  Thank goodness for our weather-resistant cameras otherwise there really wouldn’t have been much of a photo shoot.  But that didn’t stop about 1,500 participants from raising a total of $250,000 for cancer research!  Congratulations to everyone for this wonderful effort!

As part of our sponsorship, we’re giving away full high-resolution photos to participants who LIKE our Facebook page for free here!  So head over to our Facebook page and then check out the photos in the Client Gallery to see if we’ve got your photo, and then email us at with the photo number! ~ Ada and Andrew

Event Photography Kitchener


The Jepson Family ~ Kitchener Family Portraits

Catherine found us when she was searching for a photographer to take photos of her family.  We were lucky that they found us out of all of the photographers in the region.  The kids were quite young but they were also so cooperative and photogenic.  I hope all of my fall family photo shoots will be like this for the rest of the season! ~ Ada

Kitchener Family Photo Session


The Krynicki Family ~ Elora Family Portraits

I met the Krynicki Family at one of our wedding shoots and they are such a cute family!  Maddie is such a cute girl and loves to pose in front of the camera.  She was the perfect model  for the accessories that her mother hand makes for  Hip-Bow-Potamus Designs‎.  She is such a lucky girl to have so many bows and clippies to match her outfits!  ~ Ada

Family Portraits Elora