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Liza and Rob's Maternity Photo Session

I had the honour of taking maternity photos for my friend Liza this past weekend.  We’ve known Liza and Rob since university and they came over to visit for the long weekend.  It reminded me of my own days when I was pregnant with Ashton.  Soon Ashton will have another friend to play with!  I’m so happy to see they are going on to a new chapter in their life soon! ~ Ada

Waterloo Maternity Photographer


Meghan and Chris' Wedding Teasers ~ KW Wedding Photographers

What a busy weekend for us!  We had three photo shoots and two of which were weddings in just two days!  Thankfully we were guests at one of them so we got a chance to take Ashton out on his first wedding to give him some exposure to what we do.  On Sunday we were melting outside at Meghan and Chris’ wedding, but the entire wedding party was so much fun!  And once the party got started inside at the Caledon Estates Banquet Hall it was nothing but laughter and excitement!  Kudos to the couple for designing the candy swapping for the centrepieces, which really gave us some fun photos of guests with sweet teeth!  ~Ada and Andrew

KW Wedding Photographer


St. Jacobs Midwives Reunion

When our son was born, we were fortunate to have our midwives  from the St. Jacobs Midwives who was able to guide us through the entire process of what to expect for pregnancy, what do to after the baby came, and especially able to answer all of our questions at odd hours of the day.  We couldn’t pass up the chance to offer our services to the organization when they announced they were celebrating their 20th Anniversary Reunion over at Snider Park.  Unfortunately, we had to leave early to attend another wedding so we were only there for an hour before the rain started pouring down. Despite the downpour of rain, there was an incredible turnout and plenty of families with newborns and toddlers.

If you were out at the event and you’d like a digital copy of your photo, all we ask is that you LIKE our Facebook page and we’ll send it to you for free!  Email us with your photo number and we’ll send it your way! ~ Ada

St. Jacobs Midwives Reunion


Katherine and John ~ Waterloo Park Engagement

We almost needed to reschedule our engagement shoot this Sunday because the weather wasn’t looking too promising, but luckily Katherine and John were brave enough to keep the session and they were rewarded for that.  The park had less people and also the flowers were blooming at Waterloo Park.  Katherine and John were fun couple who were up for doing whatever needed to be done to get some awesome photos.  I also discovered a secret word to make John smile in front of the camera!  Looking forward to their wedding in September. ~ Ada

Waterloo Engagement Session


The Monsanto Family~ Sunshine Foundation

Meet Nico, the very lucky recipient of a special bike provided by the Sunshine Foundation.  The goal of the Sunshine Foundation is to make the dreams of kids with special needs come true.  And for Nico, this was to be able to have the freedom to ride his own bike safely.  We met at Victoria Park where he showed off his awesome skills of motoring away on his bike.  There are so many more kids that I’m sure wish they had this opportunity so Nico is definitely fortunate.  I’d encourage anyone interested to look up the Sunshine Foundation and see what they do!  And I hope to see Nico and his family again in the future!  ~ Andrew

Victoria Parking Family Photography


The Jamieson Family~ Waterloo Family Photo Session

Last year I donated a photography session to an auction at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to raise money for the United Way and Julie was the winner of the auction.  We had been trying to schedule a photo shoot for the past few weeks, but because of the crazy weather we had to reschedule twice until today!  Julie said her family loves the outdoors so I knew this location will be perfect for them.  Thank you so much to the Jamieson family for a fantastic afternoon.  Your kids are adorable! ~ Ada

Waterloo Family Photography Session


The McDonnell Family~ Elmira Family Photo Session

The McDonnell family were given a gift certificate as a present since they had just had a new addition to their family.  Now several months later, I finally had a chance to meet up with them.  We met at Rockway Gardens in Kitchener in the early afternoon to avoid all the wedding parties coming to this popular location.  It was great capturing the different personalities of the kids, and I’m sure the family will cherish the photos! ~ Ada

Elmira Photography


Agnes and Matt's Wedding ~ St. Jacobs

Even though we had a tiny bit of sunshine between the thunder shower this weekend, that didn’t stop Agnes and Matt enjoying their wedding day with family and friends. Lots of brides like to put in some DIY elements on their wedding day and Agnes was one of them. We loved all the little details at the wedding reception, which was held at the St. Jacobs Schoolhouse. ~ Ada and Andrew

StJacobs Wedding


GSP Group Inc. ~ Company Headshot

I had the opportunity to work with the GSP Group Inc for their company headshots and marketing material.  We’ve done headshots in the past but this was the first time for an urban design and landscape architecture firm, especially for one that has had such an impact in the K-W area.  The headshots that I took were somewhat different than in the past because they were done in various locations which gave them a casual look and feel.  I look forward to seeing how these will be incorporated on their website and marketing material! ~ Ada

Commercial shoot


Cindy and Jacob's Wedding ~ Toronto Wedding Photography

We were honored and excited to take photos for our friends Jacob and Cindy. We've had a long history with Jacob dating back to our days at university where we met through badminton. Jacob and Andrew used to be housemates as well after they both graduated. We were treated to three ceremonies (English, Chinese and Korean) bringing different cultures together for this wonderful celebration. And also heard affirmation that Jacob's a real handyman when it comes to being around cars and the house. But even to this day, we still haven't been to their house! Well wishes for the new married couple and stay tuned for more photos to come! ~ Ada and Andrew

Toronto Wedding Photography


Baby Alessandra ~ Baby Photography

We’re always excited when we welcome a new family member to a couple that we took wedding photos for.  Such is the case with Erin & Phil who we captured their wedding 1 year ago.  We’re happy that this won’t be our last time seeing Baby Alessandra since they’ve booked us for our Maternity to Newborn Photo Package, which gives them 3 sessions throughout the year as their baby changes so quickly and grows.  Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy and I hope you guys get some sleep! ~ Ada

Baby Photography Session


Sarah and Kurtis ~ St. Jacobs Engagement Session

I had a great time with Sarah and Kurt at St. Jacobs.  Even though it was a very hot day, it didn’t stop them from doing  all kinds of fun poses in front of the camera.  They brought some props and also an outfit change for their engagement session.  Kurt was brave to wear a sweater in 28 degree weather! Sarah and Kurt, Thank you for a great engagement session and I am looking forward to your wedding! ~ Ada

Kitchener wedding


Wedding Dream

Happy May Two-Four!  I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy the “summer” weather for the long weekend.  Although we didn’t have a wedding this weekend, we had a couple of photos shoots for Wedding Dream at the Victoria Park Pavilion and the Kitchener Delta.  Both locations are situated right next to Victoria Park where we’ve always enjoyed taking photos.  Both venues had very different decorations and I’m sure the Brides and Grooms loved what they saw.  Have a look at the Wedding Dream website for many choices of colour combinations of photos. ~ Ada

Delta Kitchener Wedding

Victoria Park Wedding


The Blaak Family

The weather was wreaking havoc with us again on the day I was shooting for the Blaak family.  Originally we were going to head to a park, but because of the rain (or was it hail?) we invited the family to our house for their photo shoot.  This is the 3rd year that we’ve taken photos for the Blaak family, and the twins are growing up so quickly and are always so cute!  I can’t wait until their talking in full sentences! ~ Andrew

Conestogo Photography


Meghan and Chris ~ Elora Engagement Session

This was the first time Meghan and Chris had went to Elora.  I suggested this location because of the unique scenery and with the town being a popular tourist area.  They were a very fun couple that had plenty of ideas for poses in front of the camera, which made it really easy to work with them.  Because of the beautiful weather that weekend, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take off our shoes and walk into the river for some awesome shots.  We’re definitely looking forward to their wedding later this year! ~ Ada

Elora Wedding Photography


Agnes and Matt ~ Waterloo Engagement Session

I had to reschedule Agnes and Matt’s engagement photo session last week because it was SNOWING!  And only one week later, it was 24 degrees Celsius outside with beautiful weather!  Both of them were very comfortable in front of the camera, even when they looked at each other closely.  We’re looking forward to their wedding which is less than a month away! ~ Ada

Waterloo Engagement Photographer


Sarah and Eric's Wedding ~ Waterloo Wedding Photographer

We had such great weather to capture Sarah and Eric’s wedding (Andrew even got a bit of sunburn on his face). Sarah put lots of planning and detail into her wedding and it really paid off! The wedding was very organized with lots of great family and friends helping throughout the day. ~ Ada and Andrew

Waterloo Wedding Photography


Tristan ~ Baptism Ceremony

We’re very lucky to have such wonderful clients that we keep in touch with us.  A couple years ago we took wedding photos for Dharshini and Rahul, and this weekend I had the chance to take photos for their son Tristan’s baptism in Mississauga at Merciful Redeemer.  Tristan is such a cutie with lots of hair and big cute eyes.  He was wide awake for the entire ceremony, which was joined by many family members.  Maybe one day, Ashton will take Tristan’s wedding photos! ~ Ada

Baptism Photography


Cindy & Jacob ~ St. Jacobs Engagement Session

We were lucky to have some good weather this weekend since the previous week brought freezing rain, power outages and school cancellations!  And it's already the middle of April!  Jacob and Cindy were happy to head our direction to take engagement photos in the popular tourist town of St. Jacobs.  Like most couples, they weren't very comfortable in front of the camera at first.  But after a few jokes from myself the comedian, those natural smiles came out!  We're looking forward to their big day in the coming months! ~ Ada

St. Jacobs Engagement Shoot


Wedding Dogs ~ First Published Work!

When we were asked by Amanda and Mike to take their wedding photos a couple years ago, they asked if we could include their dog in the photos as well some time during the day. We of course accomodated this simply request because that's what we do! About a year later we were contacted to ask permission to use one of their photos in a book that would be published and sold across the globe. And after also getting permission from Amanda and Mike, here it is now for the world to see!

You can find out more about the book itself from ~ Andrew and Ada

Wedding Dogs