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Katherine and John's Wedding ~ Cambridge Wedding Photography

Just as we were fortunate to be the first to take photos at the new outdoor terrace at Dundee Country Club just a few weeks ago, we were also fortunate to be the last to take photos on the outdoor terrace at Whistle Bear Country Club before they start their renovations for the rest of the season.  Katherine & John were the lucky couple to have the best weather possible at the end of September.  And they had all of their friends and family in attendance at this very special occasion.  I have to say that something about Katherine really reminded me of actress/model Cobie Smulders. ~ Andrew & Ada

Cambridge Wedding Photographer


Super Shooting Sunday ~ Kitchener Family Photo Session

Next day after a wedding and I was off to take 4 family photo shoots throughout the entire day.  The rain only came down a bit towards the end of the day but I still had some great weather with all of the colours turning out just perfectly in the photos!  One of the key things that we do as photographers is ensure that each of the photos shoots are unique just like each of the families.  This is something that we take great pride in since you can imagine that after doing one or two on the same day that some may just go into auto-pilot.  But I was definitely full of energy by the end of the day and I’m sure the families will be very happy with the results! ~ Ada

Guelph Family Photography

Family Photography Guelph

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Family Photography Guelph


Caitlin and Bryan's Wedding ~ Kitchener Wedding Photography

We had a great time with Caitlin and Bryan on their wedding day over at Dundee Country Club in Kitchener.  The weather was just perfect and not too cold with plenty of sun.  What was even more special was the fact that they were the first to have an outdoor ceremony in the newly renovated patio with a nice stone staircase at the country club since it had rained on every other wedding.  Talk about excellent luck!  I’m pretty sure the venue is going to want some of their photos to show off. ~ Ada & Andrew

New Dundee Wedding


Claudia and John's Wedding ~ Waterloo Wedding Photography

We had a great time with Claudia and John on their wedding day this past weekend. The weather was rainy in the morning but as always, the clouds broke away when we were going outside to take photos! At the reception, they treated their guests to plenty of dancing with two live bands, and plenty of food. Congratulations to you both and we know that everyone had a wonderful time! ~ Ada & Andrew

Waterloo Wedding Photographer



The McCullough Family ~ St. Jacobs

It’s the last shoot of the summer (unofficially) and we had numerous family photo shoots over the summer where family members were visiting from afar.  This was the case for the McCullough family, who had their son visiting from Newfoundland.  This was their first photo shoot since the kids were… well kids.  So they were well overdue for a photo shoot!  When’s the last time you had a photo shoot with your family? ~ Ada

family photography elora


Jessica and Bryan's Wedding ~ Kitchener Victoria Park

Some people say it's better to save money on your wedding venue by renovating your house to make it into a wedding venue. Such was the case for Jessica & Bryan's intimate wedding with 60 guests in their home. After a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends in Victoria Park, the couple had everyone come back to their place for a wonderful party under a tent in their backyard where the festivities continued well into the night! ~ Andrew

waterloo wedding photographer


The Manku Family

I had the opportunity to take photos for the Manku family reunion since two of the sisters were visiting from afar.  With a big family of 6, we had no problems coming up with different fun combinations of people and they didn’t even have to pay extra for this many people, unlike how other photographers charge for additional people.  I’m glad how the weather was a perfect overcast so that their photos really look wonderful with all the colourful flowers and scenery. ~ Ada

Family Photography Elora

The Fritzley Family

I had lots of fun taking photos for the Fritzley family’s first family photo shoot at Rockway Gardens in Kitchener.  Their son Xavier is just under 8 months but he already can’t wait to walk!  I am sure he is going to be running around in no time.  He was so curious seeing all the flowers and sounds at the garden and loved to play on the grass.  ~ Ada

Family Photography Waterloo


Sandra and Jason's Wedding ~ Victoria Park East Golf Course Guelph

We had a great time this past weekend at Sandra & Jason’s wedding with their Beatles themed wedding.  There were plenty of unique details and cool ideas that made their wedding special and intimate.  From the wedding cake, to the decorations and record signing, everything was well thought out.  Their “yellow submarine” was also a very cool touch!  With plenty of family from all over the world, they planned their day so that dinner would end early so that they could dance forever into the night! ~Ada and Andrew

wedding photographer guelph


The Weber Family ~ Waterloo

I had the opportunity to take photos for the Weber Family since one of the families was visiting from Saskatchewan.  It’s wonderful when families can get together and spend some time creating something memorable!  Both of the grandkids were dressed in matching outfits which was really cute, especially when they were playing together.  Both grandma and grandpa must have been very happy to see both of their grandkids together.  The colours of everyone’s outfits were really vibrant in the photos and they really blended well with all the flowers in the park. ~ Ada

Family Photographer Elora


Sarah and Kurt's wedding ~ St. George

It was an honour to photograph Kurtis and Sarah’s wedding on Friday, August 9th.  There was so much love throughout the entire day, not only between the couple but with the people around them.  We were surprised that there the church was completely filled on a Friday afternoon, demonstrating how special these two people are to everyone.  The entire wedding party was plenty of fun and had some creative poses too.  Kurtis had so many happy tears throughout the day especially whenever he looked at Sarah.  Out of all of those in attendance we probably knew the couple the least, so it was an awesome feeling when you can tell that two people were meant to be together.  Congratulations to you both! ~ Ada & Andrew

St. George Wedding


The Leuthold Family ~ Elora

It was a special photo shoot for the Leuthold Family because it was grandmother Liz’s birthday.  I love how the family coordinated their outfits!   Coralie and Malix are such a cutie pies which made click the camera really easy.  During the photo shoot, Catherine had a special request to take photos with trees which I thought was somewhat odd.  But after talking to her, I found out that because they live in Iqaluit they don’t get the opportunity to see trees very often.  So this will likely be a big print for the wall back at home ~ Ada

Elora Family Photography


The Schlegel Family ~ Conestogo Lake

The Schlegel Family invited us for a family photo shoot at their cottage up by Conestogo Lake.  It was such a nice peaceful drive there and back.  With the cottage right next to the lake, we had a chance to take a lot of photos on their boat.  Thank you for inviting me to your cottage for the long weekend and we hope to see you again soon! ~ Ada

Conestogo Lake Photographer


Kitchener Polish Legion ~ Wedding Dream

This time, we are taking photos at Polish Legion Kitchener for Wedding Dream.  They really transformed the hall, especially for the entance area. I loved the "guestbook" signing idea where guest will write their well-wishes and sign their name onto wine bottles. The display was really unique and worked very well with the setting. ~ Ada

Polish Legion Kitchener Wedding


The Buckborough Family ~ Kitchener Family Portraits

I always love it when our past clients ask us to take photos for them again because we get to keep in touch with them and especially see the kids grow.  I took photos for Baby Penelope when she was less than a week old back in the fall of 2012.  Now with her reaching almost a year, I had the pleasure of taking photos for the entire Buckborough family.  Penelope looked completely different as expected but absolutely beautiful, and she was joined by her cousin Eric as well for some fun photos in the grass.  I’m glad that I had the chance to see the family again and hope that they enjoyed their get together as much as I did! ~ Andrew

Kitchener Family Portraits


Croatian Hall Décor ~ Wedding Dream

We were back at the Kitchener Croatian Hall this week and I was impressed with the transformation compared to the week before. The centrepieces in particular were something that I wish I had at my own wedding. I also loved the backdrop and wall lights. It really made the head table look picture perfect! ~ Ada

Croatian Hall Wedding Photographer


Claudia and John's Engagement ~ Elora

We always work with the couple to help them decide on a location for their engagement shoot.  When we met John and Claudia for the first time, they explicitly had two requirements that they did NOT want for their engagement photos: Train tracks and farm land.  Given the popularity of these two themes in the Waterloo Region it’s no surprise that they really wanted something unique.   So we ended up heading to Elora for a beautiful day in the water.  During the shoot, Claudia almost lost her sandle!  But good thing John was there to save the day and fish it out of the river.  Looking forward to your big day next month! ~ Ada

Elora Engagement Photography


Caitlin and Bryan's Engagement ~ Mississauga

Caitlin & Bryan were referred to us through Sarah & Eric, who we shot their wedding photos earlier this year.  Because they live in Mississauga, the couple weren’t able to make the trip to see us in person.  So instead, we were able to meet over Skype Video Chat which is one of several ways we have been able to offer to meet clients since setting up our new client room.  Caitlin & Bryan are definitely a fun and playful couple and we’re looking forward to their wedding later this year! ~ Ada & Andrew

Mississauga Engagement Session


Croatian Hall Décor ~ Wedding Dream

Back to back shoots for Wedding Dream and this time I was over at the Kitchener Croatian Hall just off of Schweitzer Street for a large wedding.  The colours in the hall were bright and cheery and the orchids in the centerpieces were very beautiful with the floating candle on top.  Definitely a popular choice since I had seen them before so beautifully done. These always work well for a hall that has high ceilings. ~ Andrew

Croation Hall Wedding


Victoria Park Décor ~ Wedding Dream

If you’ve followed our photos for Wedding Dream before you’ll know that Victoria Park is one of my favorite locations for decorations because of the versatility in which the reception hall can be used. This was the first time I had seen this layout for the ceremony and boy was it every beautiful!  The chairs for the ceremony would be used later on after the tables were moved into position.  And the lace table cloths looked great with the silver charger plates.  Just another great example that not much colour needs to be used to make it super classy! ~ Andrew

Victoria Park Wedding


Jessica, Bryan & Owen

I had a great time with Jessica & Bryan for their family photo shoot.  This was a special customized photo shoot for them since this was also somewhat of an engagement shoot since they will be getting married next month.  Although Baby Owen was a bit groggy he definitely took part of the shoot and enjoyed it the most when he got to lie down on the grass with his parents. We’ll be back in Victoria Park again in August for the wedding which will be exciting! ~ Andrew

Kitchener Victoria Park


Lawrence & Régine's Wedding Reception

Andrew’s cousin Lawrence and his beautiful bride Régine had had their wedding earlier last month up in Aurora.  But because our Aunt knows so many people, she wanted to have a second one in their honour at the Crown Prince Fine Dining & Banquet Hall in Scarborough. Many years ago when they were kids, Andrew’s family would eat at this location very often and throughout the years the inside joke was that one of the cousins just had to have their wedding there!  Well I guess that cousin ended up being Lawrence!  And good thing that the place had changed ownership and transformed into a really great restaurant for food too!  Congrats to you all and we love you both! ~ Andrew & Ada

Toronto Wedding Photographer


Blackberry Global Town Hall

I had the opportunity to attend the BlackBerry Global Town Hall this past month where BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins spoke passionately about the company and the transition they are going through.  It was also the first opportunity for the new Executive VP of Human Resources, Nigel Perks to speak to the company and there was plenty to talk about.  It’s definitely inspiring to hear the leaders at BlackBerry speak and I’m sure the company will turn things around next quarter! ~ Andrew



The Museum ~ Kitchener

We had the opportunity to shoot for Wedding Dream at the Waterloo Region Museum over on Homer Watson Boulevard (not to be confused with The Museum in downtown Kitchener!)  It was actually my first time shooting here even though I used to pass it daily when we lived close by.  The decorations were magnificient and complimented the nice open concept and large windows at the venue.  I especially liked the lavender pots which smelled amazing! ~ Ada

Kitchener Museum Wedding


Family Photo Blitz

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Antonella and Marc's Engagement Session ~ Guelph

Antonella was as excited about her engagement shoot as I was.  We finally found a date to meet in Guelph on Canada Day at the university. This was definitely ideal since things were quiet on the campus and we had a chance to venture around without any curious passerbys.  It was also my first time meeting Marc since he wasn’t able to make our first meeting.  I could definitely feel that they made a fun and romantic couple from the many photos that we took.  I’m sure they’ll be both excited to see their engagement photos online since they’ve been anxiously asking us every other day if they might be done. =) ~ Andrew

Engagement Package Guelph