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Jacquie's Family

This photo shoot was a gift for the grandparents so that the entire family could get together to capture some memorable photos with the three generations.  They coordinated their clothing choices well and were well-prepared to entertain the kids with bubbles.  I really enjoyed taking photos with the entire family because I could really see they enjoyed every moment of it as well! ~ Ada

Big Family Photography Kitchener

Sarah & John's Engagement Shoot

When Sarah & John told us that two of the props they were bringing was a jar of peanut butter and a banana, we really had to start thinking creatively on how to incorporate them into a photo shoot!  But it goes to show how perfect these two are for each other with their laughing and smiles almost all throughout the entire shoot as we toured around downtown Kitchener.  I think we did a good job story-telling in that peanut butter and banana montage.  Check out their photo gallery for more fun photos! ~ Andrew & Ada

Kitchener Photography Engagement


Angie and Jerry's Engagement Shoot

We had another great day and even a bit on the hotter side for an engagement shoot with Angie & Jerry.  We really loved how comfortable they both were in front of the camera, and how they took well to our direction as well. Not only that, they really got is laughing just as much so we had a great afternoon with them.  We’re looking forward to their wedding in the Fall when hopefully the colours of the leaves will have changed by then! ~ Ada & Andrew

Engagement Photography Waterloo


Stephanie & Jeremy's Wedding

This was a very easy going couple who were happy to put their trust in our photography for the day and let us direct the largest wedding party of the year so far!  When Stephanie received her photos only ONE month after her wedding, she said “I creid when I saw some of them!!! You guys did an amazing job, we couldn’t be happier.  You captured so many wonderful moments that Jeremy and I didn’t even remember!!!”  And that’s why we love shooting weddings!  ~ Ada & Andrew

Three Bridges Wedding


Erin and Mat's Engagement Shoot

The first of many photo shoots this past weekend in the beautiful weather!  I met with Erin & Mat and we toured around downtown Guelph for some nice photos with some more architectural feel.  One thing that surprised me was that Mat was able to help with the posing for both himself and Erin, making my job so much easier!  We'll be seeing this couple later on in the summer for their wedding! ~ Ada

Elora Wedding Photographer


The Read Family ~ Family Photography Gift Certificate

Waterloo Park was a great choice for the Read Family to use their gift certicate for a family photo shoot.  Although there wasn't much in bloom yet, there were plenty of ducks that the kids were excited to find. And they also got to see the other animals at the park for a great family experience. ~ Ada

Family Gift Card Photography

Kaija and Jaron's Engagement Session

This was the first time I had met the engaged couple and they were looking for guidance on how to stand and pose for the photos.  This is something we specialize in to help our clients feel at ease in front of the camera. That way, by the time the wedding day comes around they feel just as comfortable in front of the camera as Kaija and Jaron were by the time we were finished the engagement session. ~ Ada

Elora Engagement Photographer

Nicole and Krzysztof's Engagement Session

Since Nicole and Krzysztof are such avid campers, they wanted to incorporate this in their engagement shoot.  However, to make this as close to the real experience as possible they brought the most props any couple has brought for an engagement shoot before!  It felt like we were backpacking through the woods with them! ~ Ada & Andrew

Elora Engagement Session


Danielle and Alicia's Toronto Engagement Session

We had beautiful weather over the weekend for Danielle & Alicia’s engagement shoot, which was the first of the spring season for us.  It took a bit of time for the two of them to warm up but once we gave them a bit of direction and freedom they were naturals in front of the camera!  We’ll be looking forward to joining them again on their wedding day later this year! ~ Ada & Andrew

Mississauga Wedding Photography

Shannon and Evan's Toronto Engagement Session

We had some really unique locations to shoot for Shannon & Evan’s engagement shoot because they scoped out several out of the ordinary locations beforehand.  It was especially fun because their dog Betty was so well trained she would look at the camera when called!  Our three models really did us the honour of believing in us and our vision and I’m sure they’ll enjoy the photos that we took!  ~ Ada & Andrew

KW engagement photography


Baby Alessandra ~ KW Baby Photography

This was the final session of the maternity package for Baby Alessandra and she sure has changed a lot since the very first time I saw her!  Over the months she’s become a very good model by looking at the camera almost all the time!  It’s amazing how quickly she has grown and how fast she can move now!  I’m sure that Mom and Dad will have a bundle of joy that is a handful in the future! ~ Ada

Baby Photo session waterloo


Baby Matilda

Finally Penelope has a younger sister to take care of!  Baby Matilda was so cute and cuddly and did a great job just lounging around on the bed for some great family photos.  After the entire family was together we got a nice variety of shots and combinations.  Although Penelope doesn’t know it yet, I’m sure Matilda will be following her around in years to come while looking up to her big sister!  ~ Andrew

Kitchener Photographer for Baby


Baby Alexa

This was the second photo shoot for the family and Baby Alexa was a great model and she was always looking at the camera.  I remember how my sonchanged so much when he was 3-4 months old compared to one year old.  So it’s fortunate that the parents now have photos of Alexa during this growing stage.  You won’t have another chance to see them like this again, so this is an ideal time to take photos! ~ Ada

Baby Photography Elora


Kirsten's Portfolio Shoot

This was the very first portfolio shoot for Kirsten who is a young aspiring model.  She was very comfortable in front of the camera and did an excellent job with a variety of different poses, and she also had several of her own ideas.  I remember when I was young I wish I had someone to take photos for me!  I tried doing a photo shoot with some of my friends that involved some makeshift gear and it didn’t turn out very well.  But I’m sure that Kirsten will be happy with the result of her photo shoot! ~ Ada

Portfolio Shoot Kitchener


Krista's Maternity Photo Session

We were Krista and Brydon’s wedding photographers a couple years ago, so we were very happy to hear that they were expecting a baby soon!  Krista was radiant as ever and the baby looks to be on track to be in great hands with all the preparations his parents have made!  I can’t wait to see them all again! ~ Ada

Maternity Photography Kitchener


Tristan's First Birthday ~ Birthday Photography

I was so happy that I had the chance to photograph another big milestone for Tristan!  This big guy just turned 1 years old so his parents put on a huge party for them!  I can definitely see all the hard work that his parents put into the planning of his birthday party.  And he definitely got a lot of love from his family and friends!  What a lucky guy! ~ Ada

Birthday Party Photographer


Concordia Club ~ Winter Wedding Wonderland

It was a winter wonderland inside the Concordia Club this weekend.  This popular venue for Oktoberfest and other functions was really transformed into a bright and dreamy venue.  Wedding Dream really did a great job and I’m sure the couple will be very happy with the way the Concordia Club looks! ~Ada

Winter Wedding Kitchener


The Robbins Family ~ Family Photography

Here are some familiar faces from a recent family photo shoot! I had the opportunity to take photos for Kurt and Sarah’s family just last weekend.  We had taken photos of their wedding earlier this year so it was great to see them again!  Since it was quite cold outside, we once again prove that all you need is a plain background to get some really beautiful photos of your family any time of the year!  ~ Andrew

Family Kitchener Photography