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Cheryl and Shawn ~ Wedding Photographer Cambridge

This animal-loving couple were looking for the perfect place to host their wedding and they found it in the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.  This was our largest wedding that we had taken there and for those who have been there before will know that it can be a bit tight for 100 people inside!  But the wedding ceremony was great and the exhibit room they cleared out for the dinner reception was well laid out.  We had a great time and wedding couple were so friendly and relaxed that they made us feel like we were attending a friend’s wedding!  Thanks so much for being awesome! ~ Ada and Andrew

wedding photographer cambridge ontario


Diane and Ben's Wedding ~ Wedding Photographer Kitchener

Diane and Ben had the perfect local wedding all across the K-W region spanning some of the city’s landmarks like wedding party photos at the Sunlife Building, a beautiful ceremony at Grist Mill, followed by photos in one of our favorite locations in Waterloo Park.  And even though their wedding party wore different outfits it worked out perfectly for their photos.  Their final destination for the evening was at Club Willowells with friends and family and a great party into the night! ~ Ada and Andrew

wedding photographers kitchener


Sarah and Patrick's Wedding ~ KW wedding Photography

We shot a wedding a couple years back where Sarah and Patrick were guests of the wedding couple and they had a chance to see us in action and see the end results that we delivered.  Because they live in Alberta but were hosting their wedding at the Hanlon Convention Centre in Guelph, they kept us in mind ever since then for their own wedding.  This was our tallest wedding couple of the year (both over 6 feet tall!), which for a photographer provides some creative challenges that many people will never know because that’s part of our job!  The wedding party was absolutely lots of fun and a laid back group to work with!  Thanks for keeping us in mind after two years! ~ Ada and Andrew

kw wedding photography

kw wedding photographers


Casey and Richard's Wedding ~ Butterfly Conservatory Wedding

We're frequent visitors of the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory for weddings and know our way around the facility for some really great photos! Even though it may be raining outside like it was for Casey and Richard's wedding, that's not a problem at all since you have a tropical oasis indoors! And that really took the stress out of the weather for our couple. Having the entire facility for your private wedding really helps and your guests will definitely enjoy it as well. Stay tuned as the next wedding we take there will be the largest we've ever photographed there! ~ Ada

Short Wedding Butterfly Conservatory Wedding


Gabriele and her family ~ Guelph Family Event Photographer

Gabriele and her family were planning a family gathering to celebrate grandpa's birthday. Since everyone would be present, she wanted to take it up a notch and hired us to take a photo session as well.  We had some great family photos inside and outside and made it a memorable event.  If you’re planning your next party or event why not give us a shout and we’ll make it special for you too! ~ Ada

Family Event Guelph Photographer


The Jamieson Family ~ Guelph Family Photographer

The Jamieson family contacted me for another photo shoot after enjoying their first photo shoot that they had won from a United Way auction two years ago.  Their special occasion was the addition of a new family member so they wanted to update their photos around the house.
Whenever I’m editing family photos for clients I wish I had photos of my own family like this.  I’ve promised myself to take my sons out to take some great photos this summer season.  Wouldn’t you want to do the same? ~ Ada

Guelph Family Photography

Katelin and Matt's Engagement ~ Guelph Wedding Photographer

Katelin and Matt had seen us in action at a friend’s wedding and had kept us in mind for quite some time before contacting us to be their wedding photographers for their special day.  Thankfully we were available for their day so that we could get the chance to work with this fun, easy-going couple just like us!  I had the most perfect weather for their engagement shoot, which took place at Riverside Park in Guelph.  We’ll be looking forward to their wedding day later this year and look forward to taking some photos by the water in Oakville! ~ Ada

Guelph Wedding Photographer


Casey and Richard's Engagement ~ Cambridge Wedding Photographers

Casey and Richard wanted a special engagement shoot that was personal to them.  So we went to the local library for their shoot where they liked to spend time together and read books.  Although they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera at first, I eased them into the process and showed them some photos so by the end of their engagement shoot they were wonderful! ~ Ada

Cambridge Wedding Ontario


Cheryl and Shawn's Engagement ~ Elora Wedding Photographers

Talk about summer weather early in May!  I’m sure many of you are enjoying the weather we’ve been having recently and we are too!  Cheryl and Shawn chose a wonderful day to visit the small town of Elora and hike down the gorge for their engagement shoot.  Even though the heat was definitely not the most comfortable they still kept on smiling and we enjoyed plenty of laughs together!  I’m glad the couple came all the way out from Toronto for this photo shoot in this very scenic and unique location. ~ Ada

Elora Wedding Photographer


Diane and Ben's Engagement ~ Waterloo Wedding Photographers

Diane and Ben were lucky to have lovely warm weather in the evening for their engagement shoot.  We helped them with finding a suitable location so that they could get lots of different backdrops within just an hour session.   With the engagement photo turnaround in only two days, I am sure they will have enough time to print them out and proudly display them at their wedding which is just a short month away! ~ Andrew & Ada

Waterloo Wedding Photographers


KW Wedding Photographer

The wedding season is upon us and we’re really happy that 70% of our 2015 weddings this year are from referrals!  WOW!!!  I hope that means that we’re doing something right!  Thanks to all of our wonderful clients who have referred their friends and family to us, and as well to all who have booked us for 2015!  It’s going to be a great year to get married! ~ Andrew & Ada

KW Wedding Photography


The Kramp Family ~ Elora Family Photography

The boys in the Kramp family got together to get their mother a gift certificate as a wonderful Christmas present last year!  This ended up being quite a special occasion for the family to take photos in beautiful Elora since it was where their mother grew up.  They made it easy for me since they had already done their homework and had pre-selected several locations along a trail that I remember walking probably more than 5 years ago!  I got a chance to get some good exercise as well as get some great photos! Who could ask for more? ~ Andrew

Elora Family Photo Session


Natalie and Nathan's

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!  And with that the wedding season really starts to pick up!  Nathan and Natalie's was definitely a treat to shoot because we've had a long history since our company began.  We've taken photos for a few weddings and family photo shoots over the years so it was exciting to see everyone again as they celebrated Nathan and Natalie's next steps in life!  We were blessed with wonderful weather and a great wedding party and some wonderful locations chosen by the wedding couple.  What more could we ask for?! ~ Andrew and Ada

Cambridge Mills Wedding Photographer


Our new family member

What makes our Maternity and Baby Photos so special?
•As if expecting a baby in your life wasn't special enough, we will help you remember what it was like when you look back on our photos! We make each photo session a fun one!
• We guarantee a 2-week turnaround time (or less!) for your images to be completely edited and returned to you!
• We edit all of the photos that you receive! Every hour of shooting equates to about 1.5 hours of editing, so you're not just paying us for face time!
• On average, a session will often yield 50-80 edited photos. ~ Andrew and Ada

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