Commercial Videography

What makes Commercial Video with a Million Words special?
  • Specialize in small business production videos with the goal of connecting companies with clients

  • Work with professional video and lighting equipment that is flexible for a variety of filming scenarios

  • Licensed for Basic Drone Operations in Canada and can add beautiful aerial footage where necessary

  • Provide the commercial music licenses needed to create exciting and interesting videos

  • The final product will consist of high definition video files capable of posting to video hosting sites so that you can share on your website and social media

Package price starting at

$ 550
Informative Video

Share the answers to questions that you get frequently in an informative video that will save you numerous hours of explaining to potential clients in person.

Promotional Video (Short Version)

Get your message across to your potential clients in a short video ideal for the the first page on your website, social media in a 90 second or less commercial

Promotional Video (Long Version)

Highlight the work that your company does with a video montage of what they do best that make your products or services wonderful.